• Dry Cured (Backs, Sliced Backs, Middles, Streaks, Gammons, etc.)


    The conception of the range of Dry Cured product range was created by customer demand for a superior range of quality bacon.

    Curing is undertaken by our highly trained specialists, hand salting with the finest traditional ingredients. Massaged in to premium pork joints then dried and matured for 21 days to ensure a firm but yet succulent textured bacon.

    Suited to those that prefer a milder taste in bacon.

    Also smoked and non-smoked available.

  • LBC Yorkshire Curing


    Leeds Bacon Co (1977) Ltd have been curing bacon for over 30 years. We continually strive for perfection of produce testing and introducing new cures to enhance flavour and develop new products.

    We pride ourselves that we can now offer a curing service to our customers.

  • Sliced Bacon (All grades available – Back, Middle, Streak, etc.)


    As producers of sliced bacon we aim to deliver consistency and quality lean meat in every pack, as proof we have a very loyal customer base due to this fact. We can also cater for individual needs, slicing at the size and thickness of bacon to accommodate each buyers need.

    Costs are constantly monitored to remain competitive and give customers value for money.

    Also smoked and non-smoked available.

  • Traditional & Wiltshire Cured (Gammons, Backs, Sides, Collars, Fores, etc.)


    We offer an extensive range of English, Danish, French, Dutch, Irish, Belgium and German bacon both green and smoked. A boning and rolling service is available on request.

    Please see product brochure for our full range.

  • Cooked Meats (Ham, Pork, etc.)


    All our cooked meats are traditionally cooked from a natural produce with no added water to ensure a natural appearance and texture.

  • Fresh Pork (Backs, Legs, Primal Gammons, etc.)


    All Pork is delivered fresh and of premium quality from sourced selected suppliers.

  • Sundries (Sausage, Cheese, Tinned, Black Pudding, etc.)


    A full range of these products can be found in our product brochure.